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RFID. The technology that facilitates the management of companies for 60 years

rfid. tecnologia que ayuda a la getion de empresas

Even though we are not aware, RFID technology is present in our day to day. It is a system that helps companies to improve the efficiency and profitability of the supply chain. The use of RFID solutions is more and more common because let you offer a quality service to your customers, minimizing errors. But, do you know what the origin of this system is? When did it begin to be used?

At Bionix Technologies we offer RFID solutions to companies to improve their production capacity and increase their business figures. Here’s the story of RFID technology and why it is special to us.

What is RFID technology?

RFID is the acronym for the term Radio Frequency Identification, and that is its function. A technology that allows data to be stored and retrieved in different RFID devices of an item and that are capable of transmitting said information by radio frequency.

This type of technology is more accurate. Thanks to RFID, a large volume of information can be read and transmitted in masse. This allows you to keep an inventory control with greater precision and in less time.

When did RFID technology emerge?

The origin

As we have already commented in our post “RFID. The technology of the big brands that was born in World War II” where we explain what the beginning of this system is:

“RFID technology has its germ in the Second World War. Great Britain invented the IFF transponder in 1939, a device that the Allied side installed in their planes to differentiate them from those of the enemy ”.

The British wanted to be able to differentiate between their own aircraft returning from the coast and those of the enemy.

It was at that time when different radio frequency models began to be developed that served as a solution to the technological needs of the moment.

The patent

In 1973, in the USA, Mario W. Cardullo obtained patent 3,713,148 for this revolutionary technology. This is what we know as the first version of modern RFID technology: a passive radio transponder with memory.

That same year, Charles Walton received the patent for a passive RFID system that opened doors without the need for keys.

RFID boom

It is between the decade of the 70’s and 80’s when scientists develop this technology to the maximum for different sectors. From tracking cargo vehicles, to a system to track personnel in buildings, such as patients in hospitals or workers in companies.

Early 20th century

In 1999, the Automatic Identification Laboratory (Auto-ID Lab) was created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with funding from the companies Procter & Gamble and Gillette.

Where solutions were developed using RFID technology combined with Electronic Product Codes (EPC) to replace barcode systems.

RFID today

RFID solutions have been refined over the years to the point of making people’s lives much easier and more productive.

Currently RFID technology is increasingly present in our day to day. Have you realized? For example: your credit card, your dog’s microchip or even food labels use this type of technology.

But this is not all, there are many sectors that benefit from this technology.

Where to implement RFID solutions?

The best thing about this technology is that you can adapt it to different sectors since its technology and the size of the microchips allows to be integrated into any product. In this way, the transfer of information, the interpretation of data or the location of a product is increasingly simple.

At Bionix Technologies we work with our RFID technology focused on 3 main sectors:

RFID Technology in Industry

Did you know that RFID allows you to automate processes? As we say, our solutions will allow you to increase the performance of your business. You will be able to automate production processes, minimize errors and have a more exhaustive control of the distribution chain.

With RFID and Bionix Technologies devices, industrial automation of your business is possible.

RFID technology in Fashion Retail

The set of Bionix’s RFID devices will allow you to increase your sales figures and considerably improve the management of the supply chain.

This means having global control of the different processes within the retail sector, from your suppliers, the stock management in the warehouse and in your physical store and ecommerce.

RFID Technology in Health

There are different applications of Bionix’s RFID technology within the health sector in a hospital, clinic or pharmacy. From the management of medicines thanks to the RFID cabinet, the access control of the healthcare personnel to the monitoring and control of the patients in the center.

Knowing the history of how RFID technology came about and what its different applications are can give you a broad vision of its scope. This will allow you to detect needs within your company to give them a quick solution thanks to RFID solutions from Bionix Technologies. What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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