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The use of RFID in the sales area improves the user experience and increases user satisfaction and loyalty, which translates into increased sales. In this way you will avoid errors such as:

  • Loss of sales due to lack of stock
  • Loss of sales due to slow replenishment cycle
  • Low frequency of inventories
  • Inaccuracy of inventories
  • Excessive work of store personnel and time for inventories
  • Errors not detected in the receipt of merchandise
  • Unknown loss

It also allows indirect control of suppliers, since real-time data is available for all order orders, if there have been errors, delays or incidents. In this way, you will have a faster reaction capacity to resolve incidents that arise every day.


How does RFID work in the store?

Thanks to the fact that each item incorporates a smart tag (RFID TAG), it can be traced along the different control points within the store and you will be able to access to data in real time that will help you improve your business and increase the effectiveness of operations.


Thanks to our RFID devices and the automatic reading of items - without the need to open boxes - errors and merchandise verification times are reduced.


Inventory time is drastically reduced, being able to increase its periodicity and precision. This allows to reduce costs and increase sales by having greater product availability and a reliable stock.


The use of RFID allows product replacement to be carried out faster and more efficiently, a key factor in the customer experience.

Product location

Since each item carries a tag with a unique code, it will be easier to locate an item on the sales surface (or warehouse) with one of our RFID devices that will show you where it is, reducing management times.

Point of sales

The sale is made through automatic identification of the item, streamlining the process. Self-checkout systems can also be used to eliminate queues and improve customer satisfaction.
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