Retail: E-Commerce

Online commerce has grown considerable in the last few years, and the trend continues. Offering a good, agile and reliable service will improve customer satisfaction and sales. The use of RFID will help you to avoid errors such as:

  • The available stock does not match the real one, which causes loss of sales and customer confidence
  • Errors in customer shipments
  • Difficulty in inventory management due to the fact of an integrated stock, online and offline

How does RFID work in E-Commerce?

Thanks to the fact that all items are identified by RFID and the stock is reliable and integrated you will improve efficiency and customer online experience, increasing online sales.

Online shopping

The customer has reliable information on product availability.


Shipments are checked in a matter of seconds against the customer's order, avoiding errors and time and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In-store pick up

An integrated stock will facilitate in-store pick up.
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