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One integrated solution for Supply Chain Data Driven Improvement

Cixxonia is a state-of-the-art cloud based analytics and decision support software that allows Supply Chain professionals to optimize the end-to-end real flow of operations, from the supplier through the distribution centre to the store.


KPIS and Advanced Analytics

Cixxonia offers a global overview of the main KPIs to manage your supply chain, from the supplier, through the distribution centre to the store. You will have real time information about shipments, errors, reprocessing and improve performance based on real time data coming from the field.

Inbound and outbound logistic control

You will gain total control of every single purchase or distribution order. Every box is passed through a specific RFID device that is checking the items inside and validating real data versus theoretical. The automation of this entire process has a huge impact on inbound and outbound logistics.


Online sales verification and Improve Delivery Performance

Manage online growth on a reliable way. Cixxonia online module enables to verify every single shipment to consumers, ensuring the items that are being sent are exactly the items the customer ordered online. This is only possible thanks to RFID devices.

Inventory management

Consolidate a unified inventory based on real time and accurate data uploaded from the RFID devices and handhelds placed across the entire supply chain, in the supplier, the Distribution Center and the Stores. You will have total control over your inventories.


Supplier performance

Transparent communication and collaboration with every supplier are very easy with Cixxonia dashboards. Prioritize on shortages, review supplier figures and propose improvement actions based on real data about deliveries.

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