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Capacity control system

ABAQUS by Bionix

The simplest solution for capacity control of your establishment

The BIONIX ABAQUS solution allows you to solve in a very easy and simple way teh capacity control of your establishment. All public establishment should have a capacity control system in real time to guarantee people security.

Bionix Technologies has the solution that guarantees the capacity of your establishment and keeps the staff informed in real time, the Abaqus capacity control system.

How to control the capacity in real time with Abaqus?

Bionix Technologies capacity control system is designed to ensure the well-being of users and allow establishments to carry out their activity.

This system displays on the screen located at the entrance of the establishment the maximum capacity of people, the number of places available and whether or not the passage is allowed at that time. In this way, it is not necessary to have store personnel carry out the task of controlling people at the entrances to the establishment.

Capacity control system functions:

  • Control of the number of people inside the establishment in real time.
  • Information flow with local employees.
  • Inform the client if access is allowed or if the capacity is full and must wait.
    Very quick and easy configuration in any installation
  • It allows you to control the capacity of different rooms remotely. In this way you will know the available capacity of multiple rooms within the same building.

Where is it necessary to implement capacity control systems?

The types of premises in which it is necessary to have a capacity control system can be divided into three main groups:

  • Venues for shows and recreational activities: this is the case of cinemas, theaters, sports stadiums, amusement parks, discos, party rooms and game rooms, etc.
  • Premises for commercial use: hotels, gyms, airports, commercial establishments or restaurants will be found in this group.
  • Meeting or work venues: such as museums, educational centers, universities, cultural centers, hospitals, libraries, conference rooms, etc.

What are the benefits of capacity control in an establishment?

Unload the access control task staff.

Intuitive system for customers.

Easy installation and commissioning

Simple, cheap, efficient.

Guaranteed profitability.

Display with BNX-BOX device.

Reasons for having the Bionix Abaqus capacity control system

If you still have doubts about installing a capacity control system for your company or business, at Bionix we tell you the 3 main reasons why you should have a capacity control system:

Ensure people safety

Thanks to the capacity control system you can ensure the well-being of both the establishment’s staff and your customers.

In fact, in some autonomous communities there are regulations that oblige the capacity to be strictly regulated, especially at events.

Maintain an official record of visits

A capacity control system will allow you to have an official record of the people who access a certain place at an exact moment. In addition, it will also allow you to count in case you need statistics for your company.

Increase business efficiency

With the automated capacity control thanks to the Abaqus system from Bionix, you will allow employees to carry out their activity with greater precision, so the quality of the service will improve considerably.

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