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evitar rotura stock

How to avoid out-of-Stock with RFID?

How can you avoid stock outs in your business? The answer is very simple: Thanks to RFID technology. Tracking stock and inventory in a traditional way requires a great effort, which is why technologies have been created – such as RFID in this case – so that actions such as replanishment, placing and order fulfillment […]
RFID en un almacén

How to implement an RFID project in a warehouse?

Why is RFID technology necessary in a warehouse? In certain sectors, specifically those that integrate storage or logistics services, agility and speed are required when reading barcodes on the move. As this direct and fast view between reader and tag is not always possible, RFID technology arises to further streamline the exchange of information. RFID […]
tipos de etiquetas RFID


RFID technology has arrived to facilitate supply chain automation, and to, among other things, quickly and easily identify items across multiple industries. In order to put this technology into operation we need to make use of RFID tags. In order to implement RFID technology in your business, you first have to know what RFID tags […]
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