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The role of RFID technology in industrial automation

Nowadays, the term industrial automation is key to improve the possibilities of companies. More and more companies of all sizes and industries are applying various technologies to automate their supply chain. If you want more information about industrial automation, at Bionix Technologies we have the answers you need and the best solutions for your company. […]

What is product traceability?

From a cuple of years up to now it is more and more frequent to hear about product traceability. Even though it is not new, the boom of know everything about what are we buying and the technology made this concept to spread among many sectors. At Bionix Technologies we want to tell you what […]
pyme innovadora

Innovative SME by the Ministry of Science and Innovation

At Bionix we are very proud and happy for the recognition as Innovative SME by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The seal has been awarded for our technological capabilities and our continued efforts in the development and creation of our own RFID technology. This recognition is an enormous motivation for the entire Bionix team […]

RFID tags, what are they for?

RFID technology facilitates the automation of the supply chain and the identification of items quickly and easily in multiple sectors, avoiding failures or stock breakage. In order to use this technology we need to make use of RFID tags. RFID tags contain a chip that stores product information and an antenna to transmit it. To […]

RFID. How to automate inventory management

RFID solutions are perfect for industrial automation of processes in small, medium and large companies. At Bionix Technologies we have multiple RFID solutions. Our technology allows the management of the data collected throughout the supply chain and the management of inventories in an automated way. Stock management allows us to avoid breakages, count inventory and […]

Bionix Certificates & Awards

Certificados ISO 9001 e ISO 14001 de Bionix Technologies Bionix  Technologies obtiene el certificado Pyme Innovadora otorgado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación de España Bionix Technologies gana la IV Edición de los premios PEL Diputación de A Coruña

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